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Water damage is a significant concern for homes and businesses in California, similar to other regions across the United States. Water damage can stem from various sources, including plumbing issues, natural disasters like floods, and more.

Water damage is among the leading causes of property loss, with the average home insurance claim for water damage amounting to approximately $11,098. Moreover, water damage and freezing rank as the second most frequent home insurance claim, highlighting the prevalence of this issue​​​.

We advise businesses, in particular, conduct water damage risk assessments and develop comprehensive plans to mitigate potential damage. This includes inspecting appliances that use water, installing water leak detection systems, and ensuring proper insurance coverage is in place.

We also recommend businesses have water damage response kits readily available for quick action in case of an incident​.​ Preparation is everything!

Given the significant impact water damage can have on both the structure of buildings and the health of individuals due to risks like mold growth, we urge property owners in California to take preventive measures seriously. Regular maintenance, awareness of the signs of water damage, and swift action when incidents occur can help minimize the damage and associated costs.